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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Holy 12's, Batman!

Today, I took a trip to Costco (a.k.a. the $100 store) to pick up some things we needed for the house. I browsed through the clothing section and saw some Kenneth Cole dress pants on sale for $19.99 and a nice 3/4 sleeve (try to cover the tattoo while at work) wrinkle-free dress shirt for $16.99. With those great prices, I decided to pick something up smaller so I can wear it in late spring, early summer. I have been wearing 14's comfortably now for a few months so I picked up a size 12.

Anyone who shops at Costco knows they don't have fitting rooms so I tossed them in my cart and made my way through the store to pick up the actual items I was there to get...and maybe a few others that weren't on my the new Starbucks Cafe Verona K-Cups that just came out. Yum-O!!

I got home, unloaded everything, put all my goodies away, and put my new "summer" outfit in the bedroom. I stared at it for a minute wondering how far away I was from fitting into it. I figured the shirt would be snug and decided that I would not be able to button or zip the pants (I tell myself these things so I am not disappointed when they do not fit).

You can imagine my surprise when I put everything on and both the shirt and the pants FIT! I was shocked. I thought for sure I missed a button or there was something wrong with the waistline. After double-checking to ensure I did not rip anything or bust a seam, I nearly jumped out of my skin with excitement. Apparently, this will be my new spring outfit which I can rock in Orlando in a few weeks.

This time last year, I was squeezing into a 22 and today, I am in a 12. I am still shaking my head in disbelief. I have NEVER been able to wear a 12. I know every designer is different and I may not be able to fit a 12 in everything but I am going to celebrate anyway.


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  1. AWESOME just awesome!!! I love that feeling. I'm doing 10's and 12's and I still have that feeling that somehow, somewhere the manufacturer screwed up and I'm really a 22 again...HA!!! Love the pictures, you LOOK great!

  2. Fabulous. Enjoy the new clothes. :)

  3. Nice!!!! Love the inspiration thank you

  4. Amazing!!! I love it! You loook GORGEOUS! I am really excited to see a picture of you plus the fact that you fit into the pants you thought were only for the future! The future is NOW!! You go! And now I have to go to Costco to pick up the Starbucks K Cups!

  5. That is so cool, congratulations!! I love those NSV surprises!

  6. Looking great and 12's nice!!! and feel you on the $100 store

    1. Thank you very much. The $100 store is danger...ha ha.


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