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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Goals: What are yours?

We had a finance seminar at work last week and one of the topics was goals. The course instructor said that goals are more achievable if you write them down. She said "Write your way to success." She made it clear that we were not to list dreams because dreams, afterall, are not goals.

This exercise got me to thinking about my weight loss goals. I started to make a mental list of things/activities that I haven't allowed myself to do because either my my weight was holding me back or I was just too embarrased to do them.

I took the instructors advice of writing down my, the goals that I want to accomplish as I go through and complete this weightloss journey are:

  • Wear a bathing suit without a cover up, a tank top, shorts (NOT capris), and a shirt that needs to be tucked in - IN PUBLIC (not at the same time of course).
  • Spend the entire day at the beach (playing, not hiding under a towel).
  • Go dancing with the Hubs.
  • Go on a cruise (could be where I wear my bathing suit in public).
  • Wear high heals.
  • Be more social with my neighbors.
  • Stop hiding behind people in pictures.
  • Take more pictures of myself.
  • Spend more time outside with the family.
  • Purchase sexy lingerie and actually wear it.
  • Take the dog for a walk during daylight hours.
That is just the start of my list. I know that as I go through this transformation (both physically and mentally), I will achieve all of these goals. When your self-confidence and self-esteem are low, a list like this seems impossible, but, as each pound drops on the scale my confidence and self-esteem grow.


  1. I know it may SEEM easier to do the things you have listed if you were thinner. But I somewhat don't agree. Some things might be physically easier..but you can do most of those things at any size. People may loose the weight..but they also need to realize how wonder and special they are inside. Inside you are still the same person. If you can't handle the mental part of it first...loosing the weight may not be the answer. (just my thoughts) I applaud you for being so open. I love it. You will soon be doing all those things. Weight loss or no weight loss...I think you are a great woman inside and out...but rock on with your bad self sista! You are doing fabulous..keep it up! :)


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