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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Na, Na, Na, Na...

Hey, Hey, Hey...Goodbye...

So, when I was in Ottawa last week, my jeans were darn near falling off and it didn't look very attractive. I decided that since I was appearing in front of 300 of my colleagues I should buy a new pair because it just didn't look professional having a sagging rear end.

We didn't have much free time so during our lunch break we ran over to the Rideau Centre (which was conveniently connected to our hotel). I had no idea what size I would fit into. I picked out two pairs of Levi's in sizes that I thought I would have to lay down on the ground just to get them zipped up. I had planned to purchase a pair that was a bit too snug so I could wear them longer but I wanted to be able to at least breathe while wearing them.

To psych myself out, I started with the smallest pair (the ones that were four sizes smaller than what I was wearing). I figured by trying them on I would at least know how close I was to getting into them. You can imagine the look on my face when I put them on AND zipped them up without me having to shove myself into them. The best part was they were normally $75 but were on sale for only $23. I nearly pee'd myself with double excitement.

When I was trying to leave Ottawa the first time, I had to pack extra stuff in my luggage and was worried that my bag would be overweight. Turned out I was right. I shifted some things around and got it under the 50 pound limit but then my carry-on bag and backpack were weighing me down. I won't go into a rampage on why the heck it matters if you shift weight from your checked bags to your carry-on...the combined weight is still the same...anyway...that flight ended up being cancelled (after we were on the plane about 100 yards from the runway getting ready to take off...yeah...I won't go there...) and I had to stay another night in Ottawa so I took that opportunity to re-pack.

I asked one of my travel buddies from Denver if she could carry the 5 pound book that was given to us as a gift and ship it to me. I also took out some of the remaining food items I had shipped before I even got to Ottawa (which was at least another 3 pounds)...then I came across those jeans that were falling off! I didn't want to look at them EVER AGAIN so I stuffed them in the garbage can, stomped on 'em, sang "na, na, na,, na, na, na...hey, hey, hey...goodbye", and I left my pants in Ottawa!

I am traveling to Edmonton next week - I wonder what I can leave there...


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