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Friday, September 2, 2011

Non-Scale Victories ROCK

"Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality." - Ralph Marston

I have had many non-scale victories (NSV's) over the past six months including a few of my favorites (losing my pants and seat belt extender) but yesterday I had another one that will go on my Top 10 NSV list...

I was driving home from the gym last night (more on this is a minute) and I was struggling to reach the gas and brake pedals. For the first time in probably 10 years, I had to move my seat forward [insert full-on toothy smile here]. I had anticipated losing the seat belt at one point in time. I did not anticipate this at all so I actually think this little NSV was *this* much more exciting than losing the extender.

Now...back to the gym....

I had not stepped foot in an actual fitness center since 2002. I met my friend out front and I think I held my breath when we walked through the doors. I was actually anxious to try the elliptical machine so we hopped on those first...and after about 10 really long minutes we hopped off. Umm,..yeah....kicked my butt.

We got on the bikes next and rode those for about 40 minutes. I rode at a pretty fast pace for all 40 minutes and kept my heart rate up in the cardio zone. When I was done, I prayed that when I got off the bike I would not pull a Bridget Jones and fall because my legs and butt were numb. I didn't. Whew!

So, in total I only got in about 50 minutes of cardio but was only my first day and I cannot wait until my next visit (yes, I actually just said that). I that statement alone might be an NSV...


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