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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Seeing is Believing

It is funny how our eyes can deceive us at times. Even though I have lost 104 pounds, I sometimes look at myself in the mirror and do not see the drastic changes that others have said they see.

For my 100-pound milestone, I put together a slide show and even then, I did not see the drastic change. I mean, of course I can see the difference, I just don't notice how much of a change it was. It was not until I put these two pictures side-by-side when I realized just how much I have changed (physically and emotionally) in the last 8 months. This may sound egotistical and bigheaded but...WOW!


I almost cried when I compared these two pictures because when you see yourself every day you still pick on the things you want to correct and forget just how far you have come. This was very motivating to me and made me hold my head a little higher today. I just wanted to share this moment with you all.


  1. Hi I am new here. I went to the begingin and have been following your journey. I am so glad you have posted pics. You progress is amazing and you look great. Good job


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