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Friday, March 4, 2016

Excuses & Results Don't Mix

I often get caught up in conversations with people (friends, family, gym members, complete strangers) about dieting, weight loss, and exercise.

Most people have a specific goal they are trying to lose weight for. An upcoming wedding, a beach vacation, or a class reunion. And then there are those of us that got tired of being overweight and wanted to make a life altering change for the better. Regardless of the reason - we all have the incredible ability to make excuses.

All too often, I hear excuse after excuse for why people aren't losing weight or reaching their goals. I am not pointing my fingers at anyone without pointing three back at myself because I am just as guilty for using some of the excuses listed. It would be way to easy for me to tell you to "suck it up, buttercup" and get over it but I'll try and walk you through each excuse below:
  • It's SOO hard - Yes, it is. Plain and simple. Anything worth achieving doesn't come easy. Over time, you will notice that things get easier but in reality, you are just getting stronger. What keeps me going on the "hard" days? The smile on my face when I know I can say, "I did it...and I didn't die!"
  • I don't have time - I call bull$hit on this one. If you have time to scroll through social media playing games, watch funny cat videos, or watch more than two episodes of anything on Netflix, you have time to workout. For me, it is easiest if I go to the gym right after work. For others, it's before work. I have access to my gym 24 hours a day and I've been there at midnight so "not having time" is not an excuse I can use. MAKE THE TIME. Put it on your calendar. Schedule a meeting with yourself. If you can't go for a full hour at a time, go 30 minutes in the morning and go 30 minutes in the evening. 
  • I'm too tired - Trust me...I'm tired too. However - that passes after the first 20 minutes of a workout and I feel 10x better and more mentally energized than when I first walked in.
  • I'm too old - I workout with people in their 80's so I'm not buying this one at all.
  • I don't want to exercise by myself - I get the whole, "I need a workout buddy" thing because I liked to have someone with me in the beginning too. I have friends that I go to the gym with but when I'm there, I am there for ME. It is my time to work on myself, not socialize. Use the time to clear your mind.
  • I'm not seeing any results - Do not use the number on the scale to measure your results. Use your jeans. AND for the love of all things...stop predicting failure. Read my patience, persistence, and accountability post. It takes time people. Four weeks for you to notice, eight for your friends, and twelve for everyone else. 
  • I have a headache - Unless it's a Migraine, take an aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen and suck it up. What I find ironic about this one is I had a headache as I started my workout last night. I managed to climb 243 flights of stairs and row 4,000 meters before it turned into a Migraine, which was when I decided that I needed to go home. However, I still got an hour in WITH a headache.
  • I'm in a bad mood - There is no better place to take your frustrations out than in the gym. Beat the crap out of a punching bag. Put anger into your workout and you will be in a MUCH better mood when you are done.
  • Eating healthy is expensive - In my best Maury Povich voice, "THAT, is a lie!". I used to use this excuse all the time. Once you have started eating healthy and your body has detoxed from  refined sugars, you won't have cravings for junk food and you won't have to eat as much to feel full. In the end, you are buying less. Yes, you may have to shop more often because you are buying fresher foods that may spoil faster than foods that don't come out of a box but your body is worth the extra trip to the store. Do what I do...hit the grocery store on your way home from a workout. You are more than likely to make healthier choices when you are drenched in your own sweat.
  • I have a family to cook for - So either make your family eat healthy too or do what I did and make a separate meal for yourself. I meal prepped for myself every Sunday so I had no excuse for not having my own meals ready to go during the week.
  • I don't like to sweat - Sweat is your fat crying as it leaves your body. Wear black when you workout and pretend you are at a funeral for your fat. And if you still look cute at the end of your didn't work hard enough. I am a hot mess after a workout as I do not sweat pretty but ask me if I care (I don't).
  • I feel like people are judging me at the gym - Most people at the gym are working toward their own goals and have likely been in your shoes before. A few days ago, I was talking to a guy at the gym about how the gym is my happy place and it's where I do most of my thinking (and my worst overthinking) and he was surprised by that. When I asked why, he said "I don't think about anything when I workout. I'm just there, doing my thing." (I wish I had that trait.) You'll be surprised how many people there will motivate and encourage you to keep coming back. 
  • Gym memberships are expensive - What value would you put on your life? Mine is far greater than the $35 a month I spend on my membership.
  • I can't lift weights - So don't. Start off with Cardio. As your body gets stronger, you will be able to lift weights. Biceps don't grow on trees so if you want them, you will eventually have to.
  • I can't run - So walk. Or climb stairs. Or row. Or ride the stationary bike. When you are able to like you stole something.
  • I can't...- YOU CAN! 
You want it?

Then, go get it!

Because excuses and results don't mix!


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