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Saturday, November 26, 2011

One Down, One to Go...

Thanksgiving has come and gone and for the first time in my own personal Thanksgiving history this was the first year I did not follow my usual "gobble ‘til I wobble' mentality.

We spent Thanksgiving at home and my in-laws drove up to spend the day with us. I had prepped the turkey the night before and got up early to prepare all of the side dishes before they arrived. Cooking for others since I have had surgery was not new to me so it did not bother me as I was tossing ingredients for my famous sweet potato casserole or corn bread stuffing. I did not get weak in the knees when I was whipping up the mashed (whipped) potatoes with butter and cream and the smell of the roasted turkey did not send me into a post-traumatic stress frenzy.

The hardest part of the entire day was when I plated my food. I knew it was going to be a carbfest kind of day so I gave myself permission to have a sampling of everything including the gravy. I put a small spoonful of each the mashed potatoes (and gravy), sweet potatoes, cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce, and a piece of turkey. Like every good "sleever", I ate my protein first (turkey). I then took a small forkful of each of the side dishes and I was stuffed. I made sure to wait long enough to digest everything so I could have a piece of Apple Boysenberry pie (which was FABULOUS).

I ended my Thanksgiving Day with a shopping trip with my friend visiting various Black Friday sales that started at 10pm on Thanksgiving. We left at 9pm and were home by 2am. Not too long but it was a good way to burn off the extra carbs and calories (this was a great idea because I woke up the next morning a half of a pound lighter).

In the end, although it was a bit odd to only have a forkful of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes, I had a great first post-op Thanksgiving and feel I am fully ready to face the ultimate post-op challenge...Christmas dinner at my parents (my mother knows how to "throw it down" in the kitchen).


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