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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Put your big girl panties on...

...and deal with it!

These past few months I have been "feelin' myself" and gaining more confidence. I walk with my head a little higher and do not try to blend into the background as much. Long time friends know that I am not afraid to express myself when I feel the need but some people in my life seem to think that my weight loss has brought out a little bit of cockiness.

I try not to boast too much to my friends about how my clothes are falling off and how I do not want to spend loads of money on new clothes now because I am going to need new clothes again in a few months. I also try not to rub it in to those who are struggling with their weight as well.

I started this blog so my friends and family can follow my journey and this includes how I deal with various components of it. I like to share the things I discover (physically and mentally) and I am proud of myself for finally doing something for ME. If my stories can help motivate someone else to do the same then that makes me happy.

I apologize, wait...I am not apologizing for anything. Do not mistake my confidence for arrogance. I cannot allow myself to hide my self-confidence because people are not familiar with this behavior. I am not exactly familiar with it either so be patient with me as I figure it out. Put your big girl/boy panties on and deal with it.

Crap...did that sound cocky?


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